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  1. abdel
    abdel at | | Reply

    think you for this tuto ,can you give me the code of class MathService

    1. admin
      admin at | | Reply

      MathService class will be generated by xjc tool.

      1. Michael Isaacson
        Michael Isaacson at | | Reply

        No, no it isn’t.

      2. govind
        govind at | | Reply

        In the place of servlet configuration you have given wsdl. Is this correct ? Could you please give valid servlet configuration file and implentation of – (for me its not created by xjc tool even i followed all your steps given here)

  2. spring ws |
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  3. Arun
    Arun at | | Reply

    Good one , but not complete , You have not shown how the springws-servlet.xml file looks like. Thanks

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