bower install error

Bower install error I came across this error when installing jquery and bootstrap on my windows machine.

To fix this, I executed the following command.

This instructs the git to replace all call to “git” with “https://”

Java 8 Date Time APIs – Examples

Java 8 Date Time APIs This article on Java 8 Date Time will highlight the new APIs related to Date and Time  introduced in Java 8.  The new Date and Time APIs in Java 8 are much more useful, easy to understand and simpler in design. Let’s dive directly into some of the core Java… Read More »

Transmission Technology Types

Transmission Technology In networking term, transmission means how the data send by one machine is send to another machine.  Broadly , the transmission technology can be divided into two types: Broadcast Network Point to Point Network Broadcast Network In simple terms, broadcast network is a transmission technology where there is single communication channel which is… Read More »

Scala Tuples – Usage and Examples

Scala Tuples Scala Tuples are used when a function has to return multiple values. There are use cases when a function has to return multiple values and we would use a temporary class . These temporary class would have instance variables which are return values. Something like this

The class TempPerson here is really… Read More »

JUnit Listeners Implementation

JUnit Listeners JUnit Listeners are classes which receive callbacks about test execution . These callbacks are executed  when there is any event in test execution lifecycle like just before the test has started execution, just after the test has finished, when the test has failed or when the test have passed.  The callbacks are very useful… Read More »

Maven Webapp Project Creation

Maven WebApp Many a times you would require to create a webapp project. Maven provides a handy archetypeArtifactId template to create a basic skeleton web app project with web.xml. The template to create a maven webapp project is maven-archetype-webapp Here is the command :


Once the above command is executed, a directory… Read More »

JPA OneToMany Unidirection Relationship

JPA OneToMany Unidirectional Hello Readers, This article on JPA One Many will show how to create a One to Many unidirectional relationship between entities with JPA based annotation. The application will use JPA annotations and Hibernate as JPA provider. For DB, instead of disk based MySQL or Oracle, we will use H2 database. With H2… Read More »

golang input args

Golang Input Args Code to read the input args

Points : This code reads input args and prints the sum of numbers in input args. To read the input arguments, “os” package of golang is used. All the arguments read are of type String. golang provides a conversion function Atoi to convert the string to… Read More »

golang – array sum

Array Sum Code to sum the integer elements in an array in golang


Spring SOAP Webservice – WSDL first

SOAP Webservice using Spring – WSDL first Hello Readers , In this article we showed how to implement a simple web service using Spring framework. The article started with schema, schema generated classes, spring configuration and then java classes. Often in real word applications, we get a wsdl and need to come up with a… Read More »